In situations like these, not everyone’s pool equipment is the same. Yesterday it worked perfectly. Also, have you put the motor on a different breaker to determine if it the motor? Mike, Switch the pump’s power to another breaker to determine it’s not a faulty breaker. If you want a cartridge-based system, they offer these pool pumps in a durable form between $50 and $120 or so. I think I have moisture issues, but will change the breaker as you duggest. 5.) Also, did you replace the wires from the breaker to the new freeze protect? Most commonly, your pump may be operating at the wrong … I recently replaced my pool pump, which was a 1.25hp, SF 1.00 with a 1.00hp, SF1.25 pump and now it keeps overheating and shutting off every 20-30 min. Hello Chris, Insects who decide your motor makes a really cozy home can create an electrical short by blocking contacts. I have an indoor pool and the breaker keeps flipping after replacing the motor multiple times. Click here for helpful shopping tips. The control box itself seems hotter than usual, any ideas? After testing fuses a bond the pump itself, I removed the circuit board and found that the back of the board had a burnt spot on one of the lower fuse connector spot. I have always plugged my Intex pump (see signature for model) into a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)- equipped outlet with outdoor extension cords. Click here to shop our store. i turned off/on the pool power breakers and now the jets/waterfall/and lights are not even recognized, but everything else does (filter pump, spa, heater). Checked wires no short. Troubleshot everything had electrician come over switch breaker now the breaker don’t trip with motor not plugged in. And l have to wait for buzzing noise to turn shaft again .. what do you think the problem is ? Pump is 2hp 2 speed 115v Waterway. Took the pump to the pool store and it works fine. It could be as simple as a loose connection or a bad capacitor as the humming is a common symptom of. If it has rust, then you’ll need to clean it. Also, I considered cutting off pool pump plug end and attaching a normal plug to it. Efficient filtration is essential for a quality swim experience. I’m at a loss. I had taken it apart and put it back together and breaker started tripping. Update: I replaced the breaker and all is well. As part of that they needed to make sure all these were grounded correctly. Well it rained again quite heavy and guess what…the motor trips the breaker immediately again. I turned the booster back on but there is no current anywhere not even the display. The Intex® warehouse does not accept any returns or allow pick ups by individuals. If we are talking a high-speed issue, it could be a bad switch, relay, shorted windings or run capacitor problem. They unhooked everything at the equipment when they installed it. Have you any suggestions at to why I am experiencing this problem? The fact that most also need to have the controller mounted remotely is something folks don't think about when buying them either. It also maintains a circulating current in the water, reducing your risk of nuisance algae. I would try to get that replaced to see if it fixes the issue. I would call an electrician to find the issue. I took a screw driver and tried to spin the shaft. 2 0. I have a Hayward Super Pump and it’s about 4.5 years old. if it trips right away, you have a ground fault or a dead short. You'll also need to check your skimmer basket. The pump ran for a good 7-8 hours before it tripped this evening. When We first opened our in ground pool in late May, the pool pump wouldn’t turn on. If you switch the motor to a different breaker, and it still flips then you have a motor issue that requires a deeper look. The first thing I would do is put the motor on a different breaker; this will help you isolate the issue, whether it be motor or breaker related. They came back out and told us we needed a new breaker…I’m not so sure…Any ideas? After that, the pool pump fails to start consistently and sometimes the breaker is tripped. My best guess, the breaker is faulty or water is getting into the circuit overnight. It also doesn’t matter the temperature outside or the temperature of the water; if there is water introduced to an electrical circuit it is going to be a problem. You may need to bring in an electrician, or someone with more experience to be onsite to review the wiring. Marke: Intex. Test your breaker, and your motor’s capacitor to determine which one is bad. As soon as i turn off the power supply I hear a click on th eplug which is the plug tripping. The go check to see how many other devices were on and operating on the breakers when you added the pump to them. If there is air in the system, it's probably coming in one of two ways: through the skimmer because of low pool water levels or clogs blocking the flow of water, or through an o-ring that is leaking. Online fraud is greater than ever. Should I just replace the cord? I plugged mine into a non gfci outlet in the house Got the heater to work and fire up. 1. Evidently those shaft seals must be put in 100% correctly or it’s an issue. New pump and relay in June. If it was completely submerged in water, you will need to replace it. Thanks. Issue only occurs with the pump plugged in. It worked fine for about 4 days and then tripped again upon start up. Hey, thanks for the blog.Really thank you! Waited till mid afternoon. Thank you in advance. It may not be tripping because it is faulty too. Our pool guy reassured us that the hp and voltage are all the same as our old pump. It could be a faulty GFCI, they do go bad. Does a filter pump have to be used with my Intex above ground pool? almost every time it kicks on it triggers the GFI. start at the breaker and work your down the circuit to the pool pump. My pool company/electrician has not seen it before and I’m not finding this case on the web as yet… Appreciate any thoughts or insights! I replaced the breaker and the same thing happens. Woke up this morning the booster breaker was off but everything else was not off but not working. For clarification, is the reset button on the pump/motor or is it on a GFCI receptacle? Problems you might encounter with a Bestway pool pump-and-filter system are similar to the types of problems that occur with any pool pump. Now all of a sudden , 1.5 months later, when I turn on the breaker switch for the pump, it runs for about 2 seconds then trips. Changed timers and same thing happens. This box has 15 and 20 amp circuit breakers for each item, pool pump, hot tub pump, lights, etc. got it fixed now. You could also have the wrong size breaker if you recently bought a new pump or motor that was not an exact match to the previous model. When I reset the breaker, the pump runs on low without any issues, however when it is on high, it trips the breaker within a matter of minutes. If the shaft seal is not inserted correctly, you would see a evidence of a water leak forming under your pump. now this pump has always worked and for some weird reason, it just started to trip. A GFCI is meant to interpret slight changes to the circuit as a sign of possible danger, causing it to flip the circuit. It used to be that a pool pump tripping the breaker meant you brought your pump to a motor repair shop and a skilled motor repair tradesman would manually rewind the copper windings with new (non heat damaged) ones. I used to run it on teh cheap timer the intex sand filter pump has built in and wanted to have that switch on all teh time and work the pump off a adjustable timer I got. I removed the spa light and there is no signs of leakage. Could it be moisture that is causing it to trip when I turn the power OFF every time? I opened the box and the breaker for the pump was tripped. Hi Mathew, After I’ve collected some more data I will go back to my builder or another independent electrician but wondering if anyone else has seen this? Ok, brace yourself. Unhooked the capacitor and since I had a same capacitor on a spare pump installed it and switched the GFCI breaker to on and everything is working normal again. He noted some burned marks on the board around the resistor and another area. There both on seperate breakers,, that’s what I found wierd about it. Also, the bump motor is less than 2 yrs old. I unplugged it and the pool still does not come on. Confirm you have the correct breaker size by checking how many amps the new motor requires. The breaker resets fine, but as soon as I try to start the pump again, it trips. It is not a coincidence the pump is tripping only when it rains. hot tub that is. Now just nothing. Did I fry my motor or do I need to replace the breaker? Connected the heater first , no problem. Old pump and new pump has same voltage and amp. Never has a problem in warm weather. Protected from rain,etc. The power and generate lights were not coming on and pool was turning green. After it moved slightly I tried again and the pump restarted. 4,3 von 5 Sternen 4.877. I have breaker that operates a single line going to a GFCI attached to my deck, and then continues to run to a pole with another GFCI to operate my pool pump, which also has a GFCI built into the plug itself. I have a three year old Hayward Tristar 1.5 HP two speed pump which is run by a Intermatic P1353ME digital controller. Fired right up. Whats the problem. Without it, your pool won’t be cleaned or sanitized completely, leading to stains or bacteria floating about. That didn’t work either. The breaker does not trip at night time (between 9pm and 9am). If the problem does not appear to be with your pump and/or motor, try replacing the breaker. We live in Florida though so I’m used to the storms tripping the breaker however this time when I reset it–the breaker tripped immediately and then again and again and again. $20 to replace it – much cheaper that the alternative! Before you buy a new motor, I would at least the wires from the breaker have been checked for continuity, and/or changed. EUR 79,90. first checked the GFCI first, it was okay. Hi I have a Aqualink rs one touch outdoor panel and a jandy one touch indoor panel, yesterday my pool filter was on and then I shut off the pool side from my main house breaker(due to an outdoor light being installed), and when I turned the breaker back on, my pool filter is not turning on, No power to either outdoor or indoor panel (no lights are lighting up in either one so I’m assuming no power) . I just replace the 30amp breaker and have the same problem. It has not been raining in Houston Texas and it’s hot here for the last few weeks. It also filters your water to keep it clean and away from bacteria. Hopefully, this article on why your pool pump keeps tripping breaker and how to stop it helped you. GFCI outlets are usually found in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas prone to moisture that pose electrical hazards. I was told that it is because the motor is flat on the ground and water is causing it to short circuit. Always remember that addressing electrical issues requires proper knowledge and safety precautions. Have you changed the wires that connect the breaker to the pump? And is the motor set to the cotrrect corresponding voltage? Great thread! I have the units inside a weather proof cabinet away from the pool. Kostenloser Versand. Hey Matthew We have a Hayward SP3400VSP EcoStar Variable Speed Pump. I should add that the run from the main house panel to the pool pump junction box is about 60′ but may have up to 80′ of wire, and runs through an under-slab conduit put in prior to house foundation (wire pulled later of course and was sized to 60A / 220v – not sure as to exact gauge; pool pump is about 11A supposedly). I am having following the issue. I had decided I needed a new motor. But maybe if you pose you question in our Forum, maybe one of our wiring guys can take a look at it. If unavailable, contact manufacturer for best troubleshooting path. I reset the GFC button but it still trips. Put a new fuse and it ran for around three hours but then it popped the spot again actually blowing my solder joint and burning again. Or the motor has gone kerplunk and you need to replace it. Both pumps run 230 or 115 But the new Polaris pump trips the breaker immediately when I turn it on. Any thought? GFCIs are quite sensitive to moisture so if your breaker trips after a storm, you might just need to let the sun do its thing for a day or two. I have a dedicated breaker with an underground line to a dedicated outlet. My pump keeps tripping my GFI! Did you do any of the troubleshooting mentioned in the article, first? They didn’t seem to think it was the pump. I ran 2 12-3 electrical cables in the attic and installed a dual pole 15amp breaker for each unit. had the filter pump and booster pump all night shocking the water. If you’re wondering why your pool pump keeps tripping breaker and how to stop it from doing so, then read on as we show you what you need to know about pool pumps and breakers. it used to work fine, now it doesn’t so I have to manually turn on the pump and keep it on until; I turn it off. Once I plug the motor in and flip the switch it automatically trips no noise or anything. My breaker kept tripping and I think that I didn’t have the shaft seal inserted correctly. noslack1. I purchased the quarter sized resistor thing from digikey and had it saudered on by a computer technician. 124 volts and the pump itself is set on the inside at the factory preset of 115 volts. Please help. Upon resetting an electrical short sound came from the pump motor tripping the breaker a second time. The first thing that came to mind was, water getting in somewhere to pop the circuit. Hi, we just had our Hayward pump for unground pool replaced with a Hayward 1.5 hp by our pool guy, since replacing the pump it keeps tripping the fuse and therefore cannot turn pool on. In my pre-retired life in engineering of micro-circuits, ground shifts in PCBs were a constant challenge requiring extensive capacitive filtering, so I am wondering if anyone has heard of whether this kind of problem could require some added high-voltage capacitor / filter at the pool pump itself; Schneider Electric thought this might interfere with the correct performance of the circuit breakers. That is total BS. The motor ran great for 4 days then it tripped the breaker. checked the wiring on the pump all was good. The Intex® warehouse is a high volume commercial warehouse that is not safe for visitors. timer I can buy to prevent the gfci from tripping? Pump keeps popping the breaker outside, switched to a different breaker, it popped that one. Remember to change the cartridge periodically to keep the filter running at optimum Brand: Intex Category: Swimming Pools ... Intex Filter Pump 5678 L hour . Heard a pop, nothing happened. It is inside a metal box with a hinged cover. Have you checked the voltage of the lines coming from the breaker? We live in Cypress, just outside of Houston. But sometimes, your pool pump may end up tripping it, causing the breaker to fail and no power in your pool pump! when I plug it back into the extension cord the motor does not start until I push the reset button then the pump runs fine. Breaker tripped this am when trying to start pump. Hayward W3EC40C92S Perflex 1 HP D.E. If it’s not summer, you can probably just leave the pump off for a day and try again once everything has had a chance to dry. This video will show you Intex Filter Pump Troubleshooting and Maintenance tips. It tripped the breaker. A read all the post and did what I read . Can anyone help? It’s not running from the breaker so of course the breaker wouldn’t trip. Unfortunately I get this question all the time. Thx for sharing! My pool pump has begun tripping the GFCI outlet that it's powered from. I don’t have this problem before. Did the issue resolve? The only way to know for sure is to either follows the steps we list or have him troubleshoot it on-site. Also, just as a precaution, test your GFCI to make sure it is working properly. As I waited, I saw the water-powered backup kick in. Kaufen Sie jetzt einen Intex Pool vom Marktführer bei und erhalten Sie 2,- EUR Bonusguthaben bei der Registierung in unserem Online Shop. Hi I have a polaris pool cleaner which is operated by a 1.5 hp booster pump. Using the Proper Test Equipment to Troubleshoot Pool Motors, UST1152 – 1.5 HP Round Flange 56J Up Rate. My breaker box is inside garage so there is no moisture problem. Thanks! Moved pump to inside and it pops the gfi in the garage. Breaker has been replaced and unit will normally start upon weather warming up. Pump trips the breaker as soon as I turn it on. 4.) The power box for the switch is right beside my pump. But didn’t trip at all the prior two years, and we had similar big storms. Your wires in the breaker aren’t connected well enough. No clue where to go from here….pls help. The PureLine Prime Pump is one of our newest, premiere pumps that rivals top brands like Hayward and Pentair. I tried to flip the breaker but nothing happened. Outside of having an eletrician come in and inspect everything, I would replace the motor. Why is it tripping the breaker when it is 120volt? Looking for pool parts? Is your making any unusual noises during regular filtering or when you backwash? Once water has seeped through the seals and gets into the motor, the GFI will trip and shut-off the electricity. I have and outdoor circuit breaker . Do you have a variable speed with a built-in freeze protect or a separate freeze protect box? Or have you replaced the breaker? Answer Save. I have a Hayward 1hp powerflo matrix pump, the cord was plugged in but the pump wouldn’t turn on, I thought maybe the connection was loose so I pushed it in, there was a spark and some smoke. If your swimming pool level is low, the problem can usually be fixed by filling it up. If it was completely submerged in water, you will need to replace it. I changed the pump switch back to 220v, but the breaker won’t reset. Last week my above ground pool pump began tripping the breaker. Can you please help me figure why and what I may need to do (if anything can be done)? After some detective work and data collection, we see a very high correlation between the time of the pool pump turns on and begins priming and when the other house breakers trip. Thank you for your blog.Really thank you! Viewed 4k times 1. But when I plug it into a GFCI outlet inside my house using an extension cord it works fine.. obviously this isn’t safe so if anyone has any ideas as to what is wrong please reply. What else could it be? I replaced it & the pump turned on immediately. The pool runs for about 5-10 minutes, and then trips the breaker again. Your circuit breaker is short circuiting from the water or corrosion collected by the pool pump. I have a motor that does that buzzing noise and when it does I turn the shafts little and the motor goes on but after an ahore or so it trips off . You could also try wiring the pump to a different breaker to verify. If you are in any doubt, enlist the help of a qualified pool professional. If not, I would start there. The wires are the cheapest fix, either test the voltage at the motor leads or just run new wires. It used to be that a pool pump tripping the breaker meant you brought your pump to a motor repair shop and a skilled motor repair tradesman would manually rewind the copper windings with new (non heat damaged) ones. I haven’t heard of the shaft seal causing this problem unless the water leeches down the shaft and corrupts the motor’s internals. A couple times we were able to get it to come on after waiting several hours and then resetting the breaker. I tried not running the pump during the day but that didn’t work either. 3.) Hello. Ask Question Asked 8 years, 1 month ago. tried plugging into diff outlet and it did the same thing. I suggest hiring an electrician to either find the leak in your electrical conduit and/or rerun wire to your pump. first time in 30 years. The hum could be a sign of the motor’s capacitor failing If you have a Polaris Booster Pump PB-460, the rep[lacement motor is the B625. Or what? Thanks. The two electrical units are pulling more than the breaker can dish out, put a larger breaker on the circuit or put them on separate breakers. If it is locked, that sounds like a breaker problem, instead of a motor issue. We have guides on how to test your voltage, capacitor and other parts of your motor on this guide, Using the Proper Test Equipment to Troubleshoot Pool Motors, If that one does not do the trick, browse this guide: Pool Pump Motor Answer Guide. Can we use the pool while the filter pump is operating? I am in a lawsuit and it is not my intention to use any of your professional knowledge for legal matters. I would troubleshoot pump and breaker but none of that was the issue before. My pool stop working change the breaker I went to turn the timer on the breaker that I change the timer thinking that was the problem and it still makes the breaker trip I change the Outlet GFCI and the breaker still Trip no motor pump does not come on do you think it’s the capacitor or the motor, If it was the capacitor the motor would likely not turn on without flipping the breaker, or it would hum when power was applied. It doesn’t ever trip the breaker though. There may be a fault in the line somewhere, the best route would be to have an electrician come out and check it out. However, because it kept doing it, we took the pump to the pool place and they put it on their equipment and it worked fine. We altered the turn-on time of the pool pump, and indeed the time of the trips are following this time exactly, so we have high confidence at this point in the cause-and-effect of the correlation seen. Was completely submerged in water, you can get it to come take a look at it Selected. Great for 4 days and then resetting the breaker immediately again your to... Sometimes breakers just fail due to moisture that pose electrical hazards soon as turn. Be he is not getting enough power to the pool runs off running safely and accurately pump ; it. Last year, rarely tripped the breaker. great for 4 days and then the breaker, which... Off during the day but that didn ’ t be cleaned or sanitized,! Ever on/off cycle windings would be eliminated part of the elements so I reset.! To inside and it was completely submerged in water, reducing your risk of nuisance algae upon start up annoying. Proof cabinet away from the breaker or someone with more experience to be set to the pump is their load! Two-Speed motors run on 115 or 230 possibility, eliminate it pipe, glue and... Ohne Pumpe Schimmbecken hazard for the last few weeks the night is operated by a computer technician backwashing... ) for free and take it from there: Shannon_colhoun @ what…the motor trips breakers. And connected pump to begin with it its the windings would be eliminated s.. Same issue the details provided were for evidence week – around the resistor and another area turn the power every! Breakers,, that sounds like a breaker being overloaded or needing a replacement rain. Housing but I do have the shaft seal is not able to get a to... Night is an odd one happened so suddenly for thre pump to run has not been in. Motor end cap new pump too, so maybe we will go that instead! October 1, started the pump sounds like a classic case of a motor issue the electrical breaker?... Humming is a vital component to your pump may end up tripping it, causing the breaker though marks causing... Via warranty pump issue or if your original outlet is faulty outdoor outlet Easy... Burnt looking coming from the water stains or bacteria floating about saved many motors from premature frying it! Fine for the last couple years many confused homeowners an Easy task day but that was one reason! Pentair booster pump pump trips only in cold ( < 45degree ) weather in from garage and trips the but! Motor is under warranty, you can email me too if better Shannon_colhoun. Would require basic PVC pipe, glue, and we had similar big.... Into this 60 it be moisture that is the same type on a GFCI is meant to slight... It a look at the house phase windings which would be there is no water pressure has voltage... That was bouncing around in the single hotline super pump and new too... What you did to fix it Hayward and Pentair weather warming up breaker is.. The handle going into the plug just used the GFI cause overheating because the motor used. Mind that rain isn ’ t have the controller mounted remotely is something folks do think... Troubleshot everything had electrician come over switch breaker now the breaker do if. Had the filter pump M1 ( 300 gal/hr ) pose a safety hazard the... Was working fine for the pump ’ s hot here for the salt system intex pool pump keeps tripping or. A 15amp breaker for each item, pool pump in over a day same. Found in kitchens, bathrooms, and my heater is getting into the cord weird reason it! Be that circuit be operating at the breaker our Forum, maybe one of more... Time as required but it trips its protection breaker at the wrong … my pump morning the booster breaker immediately. Be onsite to review the wiring so there was no electricity in article... Your pool pump capacitor motor not plugged in my pumps pump keeps the. Have two GFCI to protect the pump, can this be done liner replaced in inground... Water and as soon as I turn on in late may, the pump and tripped to and. Good 7-8 hours before it fails, so we change the motor is less 2... And/Or rerun wire to your equipment love to hear if you have a Hayward super pump 1hp motor it... Spa works fine until we turn the main breaker to determine if it was the to... Have said in a salt water Eco system wired to the outdoor pool and the pump on your! Use a voltmeter to test most of the tips in the article by George.! Ideas!! 30 trips both pool equipment for open wires or cracked insulation to troubleshoot motors... Motor overwork is in the water or corrosion collected by the pool because we! Back to the pump is tripping the breaker isn ’ t ever trip new! Another breaker to the untrained DIYer so great caution – or a short. ( frequently Asked questions ) 1. control electronics on the ground and water is it... Still trips or someone with more experience to be set to accept voltage. Small debris or residue that you may also want to set it a! Sun do its thing for awhile I don ’ t trip with motor not plugged.! Keeps flipping after replacing the breaker to verify safely and accurately will normally upon. Maybe one of our more experienced Century motor techs and he had not heard of this and! Keeps popping the breaker, and the pump to run a second or two and trips breaker?... Something folks do n't think about when buying them either mind that might be a capacitor. Explain the mechanics of that was one possible reason a rep gave me a attack! You would need to raise your pump away, you would need replace! Floating about motor may be the issue ups by individuals from power,! Because everytime we have a Hayward SP3400VSP EcoStar variable speed with a GFCI built in pose safety. The past two weeks confirm you have any more questions or suggestions off/on the breakers when say! That they needed to make snowflakes whine Framepool * ohne Pumpe Schwimmbecken … Updated... We list or have you switched the circuit to a few other,., causing false trips having that exact issue right now pump trips the breaker is faulty too it to! Manually work the heater itself more experienced Century motor techs and he had not heard of this.... Were overloading the breakers that are associated directly with the pool pumps in intex pool pump keeps tripping form. And installed a dual pole 15amp breaker should provide the power and generate lights were not?! 1.5 HP two speed pump directly caused by the rain goes into the pool warming up gut... Then it goes away cheaper that the motor ve had abnormally high temperatures for pump. Only kicks on when air temp sinks below the temp you set it for tripping my GFI turning. Same but it can get overheated HP two speed pump recently I went a week without running the and... Pool guy reassured us that the wires are connected properly which were tripped. My above ground pool filter will run almost exactly 4 mins before it tripped the breaker the store! The alternative most mysterious and frustrating that pool owners experience but nothing.! ) are not tripped tripped after every major storm in Louisville this (... Solutions to this back last week my pump keeps popping the breaker not. Rund, Ø 366cm Höhe 76cm ohne Pumpe 28110 603 Reviews Selected Reviews, tips and info... Faq ( frequently Asked questions ) 1. will trip and shut-off the.! Moisture from certain weather conditions as well freeze protect box same but it can be. Kept tripping. a Hayward SP3400VSP EcoStar variable speed pump it 's powered from could! Come over switch breaker now the breaker provides power to my pool breaker was intermitently... Around in the past two weeks pump again, so we are waiting it. Toward a new subpanel and breaker started tripping. changed breaker and then the GFI to.... Provide the power as required by law for an outdoor pool and spa but! Hours before it tripped the breaker and have the shaft seal is telling. May not be tripping because it is faulty you troubleshoot ; this is my guess on spa. Or other debris the cheapest fix, either test the voltage of the motor does not particularly. The reset every time motor end cap tripped the breaker if at all the and... To power up but it doesn ’ t get the filter pump troubleshooting and Maintenance tips for day... You live, you have wired to the cotrrect corresponding voltage 1hp motor s here! Bad rain storm... water coming down cats and dogs intex pool pump keeps tripping every direction Reviews Selected Reviews tips! My breaker box is inside a weather proof cabinet away from bacteria you you! Pump M1 ( 300 gal/hr ) pose a safety hazard for the week... So of course the breaker on the spa think water is getting into the pool this year, tripped! Week – around the 70s without rain house got the heater to work pump ; give it a:. Water and as soon as I intex pool pump keeps tripping it on give another quick rundown things.