How does it help you as a Head Chef? You must learn all the dynamics of the industry and maintain nerves of steel. Trained staff to prepare the traditional Japanese cuisine. Their duties revolve around assisting the head chef in preparing food by chopping and washing vegetables and meats and arranging salads, breads, sauces and dressings. Chefs and head cooks must have a keen sense of taste and smell in order to inspect food quality and to design meals that their customers will enjoy. Standardized recipes to ensure consistent food preparation results. Included a full service bakery producing 30 individual products plus special occasion gluten free cakes. Averaged 7000 high quality nutritious meals monthly. The main role of a head chef depends on the size of the establishment that he or she is managing. Transformed small home-based business into a full time operation * Created an offering of high quality European style pastries. Provided on-going training to provide portion controlled and pleasing meals for all clients. A Head Chef is similar to an Executive Chef, and it is unlikely that a Head Chef and an Executive Chef would be working within the same kitchen. Maintained sanitation procedures and organization of work area adhering to all HACCP regulations. Received multiple positive reviews for Irish and new American cuisine. Accommodated guests with special dietary needs (allergies, religious restrictions, vegan/pescetarian, etc.). “The industry will change many times through your career” Stored food in designated containers and storage areas to prevent spoilage or cross-contamination. Added new American/little plates cuisine at intimate North Jersey restaurant. Created custom menus for each individual client as well as maintaining a standardized recipe book of base menu items. The head chef, who is also known as the executive chef or chef manager, is someone responsible for all activities in the kitchen. Ordered all products for the entire operation; assuring that quality standards and food cost budgets remain within target levels. Maintained inventory,portion control and food cost while ensuring food quality standards. Coordinated the use of food service department facilities and/or equipment by staff or outside groups. Created and implemented a proprietary HACCP system. For example, 23.3% of Head Chef resumes contained Kitchen Equipment as a skill. Assisted with menu planning, created daily specials (integrating local farm products), maintained and replenished inventory. Created and executed an upscale chef-inspired menu, based on available daily inventory Analyzed recipes to assign prices to menu items, based on food, labor, and overhead costs. Some chefs even own and manage their own restaurants. Sometimes a head chef needs a full kitchen staff to help the kitchen run smoothly. Prepared many menu items table side, such as Caesar salads, bananas flambe, and Chateaubriand for two. Ordered specific items needed to run daily operations for the restaurant. Created decorative food displays, and oversaw food presentation and decoration. Self-discipline is integral and it plays a key role in your endeavours in becoming a head chef. Our company is looking for a Head Chef to join our team. Advantages & Disadvantages of an Executive Chef. Full-TimeDetailed knowledge of how to manage the duties of kitchen staff, and how to supervise their daily operations. Established loyal customer base by continuously producing outstanding and high-quality menu items, proven by regular customer referrals, Created new menu items constantly checking food cost inventory and closely watching labor. Promoted form sous chef to head chef in 2002 functions. Proved high quality of supervision for health and safety issues with banquet and restaurant services. Prepared special menus for special Buddhist retreats, including Llamas from around the world with vast dietary restrictions. Upon completion of culinary school, prep cooks can become junior chefs in the kitchen. Directed all kitchen and operational functions, including menu design, implementation and execution as well as creation of daily specials. Above all don’t accept mediocrity in yourself or your team. specials, soup offerings and menu planning. Assisted with recipe standardization and food preparation. Worked very closely with FOH managers to create a stronger relationship with kitchen staff and a more knowledgeable Established and enforced sanitation standards for restaurant. Instructed the staff on daily operations. Hiring, managing, training and overseeing all kitchen staff. Developed and maintained all procedures and standards for exemplary health and sanitation records, and effective inventory management and ordering. For example, 23.3% of Head Chef resumes contained Kitchen Equipment as a skill. Designed and implemented seasonal, vegan, gluten free and raw menus which increased sales and reputation. Scheduled and received food and beverage deliveries, checked delivery contents to verify product quality and quantity. Direct kitchen operations, including food preparation, cooking, and cleanup If the presentation is off, redo it. Ensured refrigerated and dry storage areas were kept neat, clean, organized and accessible. Developed new recipes to build company portfolio. Ordered kitchen food products and supplies. Supervised line cooks and kitchen staff to include hiring and firing, maintaining personnel records, and developing work schedules. Professional kitchens are extremely high stress environments, especially during service and it takes discipline and nerves of steel to not freak out. That’s the reason I still love being a chef after 20 years. First of all, the preparation time is comparable for most dishes in a typical restaurant. Formulated standard recipes for food items to assure apt portion control, retaining quality and taste. Managed cost control issues by using local vendors. Prepared meals, provided quality food services and helped cooks by supplying food and preparation assistance. “Love food” We never seem to stop looking, learning and observing. Mentored and developed several dishwashers to become line cooks. Purchased and requested food items and kitchen supplies. The only way you will get to the top is through hard work and dedication. Head chef definition: the chief cook in a restaurant | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Others have little to … Organized daily meals around dietary restrictions Implemented cost effective menu planning and food purchasing. “Remember this isn’t a TV show” Controlled food and labor costs without sacrifice to exceptional levels of quality. Responsible to: Catering Manager Main Tasks: 1. His/her job description entails oversees everything going in and out of the kitchen. In charge of creating new dishes with on farm ingredients, Supervised crew members and all catering functions* Created menu plans weekly* Responsible for purchasing and verifying orders* ServSafe Certification. Conducted comprehensive staff training that emphasized quality cooking techniques and presentation, sanitation and teamwork. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Head Chef resumes they appeared on. You need to earn it, and you can earn respect from the team by displaying your knowledge and giving them the respect they deserve. Cooked for a 150 residents Delegate task to staff members Order supplies needed for the kitchen Handled special machinery i.e. Complied with food handling and safety standards as stated by City and State health department. Oversaw and supervised all the kitchen staff. Utilized training and creativity for daily specials, especially pastas, fish, and soups. Ordered supplies to stock inventory appropriately and comply with enforce sanitation regulations and safety standards. Assisted in opening new cafes at Google with planning, organizing and staff training. It takes a variety of both hard and soft skills to be a great chef who can effectively command a kitchen. Executed all areas of pastry production in high volume restaurants. The above sample job description provides the right information that may be used for creating the work experience and other sections of the resume. Maintained high sanitation practices and scores. Don’t listen to it and be confident in what you know (and don’t!). Responsible to: Catering Manager Main Tasks: 1. Managed and supervised 100+ staff members. * Planned, prepared, and served healthy vegetarian meals. Opened and ran the kitchen operations of a high volume, from scratch restaurant. Trained and monitored all kitchen personnel. Promoted to Head Chef after one year supervising six staff members, responsible for hiring and training. Performed budgeting, pricing, inventory, cost analysis, and menu planning and writing. Handled the opening and closing procedures for daily operations as well as ensuring proper staffing. Executed daily operations of camp kitchen, along with all special events, including supervision of a staff of 17 workers. Maintained strict safety standards and organized all kitchen equipment to maximize productivity. A head chef is responsible for the following: Controlling all food preparation processes in the kitchen. Cleaned and sanitized kitchen and works areas, ensuring compliance with ServSafe procedures and health regulations. “Choose who you are working for” Created and explored new cuisines, developed recipes and menus. To get ahead you really do have to go the extra mile and for great chefs going the extra mile is the norm. Started as a line cook and worked my way to Sous Chef the following year and advanced to Head Chef. There is no easy road or short cut to becoming a great head chef. Maintained food quality standards, proper handling, labeling and rotation of food stock. In some cases, she may need to hire assistants to cover various aspects of the food preparation. To be a solid head chef it doesn’t just involve the kitchen. Ordered and received ingredients. Managed all kitchen staff, including: dishwashers, prep cooks and line cooks. It’s a real passion and from the minute you wake up till it’s time to sleep, you are always thinking about food, what goes with what, what’s new and what do you love to cook. Served as shift leader, while managing a waitress and two line cooks. He/she is highly trained in aspects related to preparation and presentation of food. Let's find out what skills a Head Chef actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. Arranged kitchen cleanliness around ServSafe standards Created gingerbread and tallow sculptures for major events such as Army birthday, private parties or Pentagon official events. Trained new employee line cooks on proper cooking methods and restaurant operations. Created new menu and daily specials using seasonal ingredients and drawing on over 100 beers to utilize in creating new recipes. Maintained highest standards of Culinary product quality. Provided food service for up to 200 patrons at sitting. Specialized in the baking and preparation of gluten free and Paleo foods in Perth's central business district. Even when service is at its peak, project a calm exterior; this will show that you have confidence in your abilities and can successfully finish the service. Purchased food, beverages, kitchen supplies and equipment. Don’t let a bad service get you down; pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going. Prepped, included making everything from scratch before lunch and dinner service. Obtained ServSafe certification in compliance with state and county health department regulations and reporting. Respect the food you work with and respect the people you work with. Managed high volume catering events including P.G.A. What Are a Head Chef’s Duties? Created new recipes and updated existing menu to reflect current trends. Managed kitchen staff members for meal preparation, service and cleanup; Created the restaurant menu that included Oriental cuisines that are now popular and in-demand in the island. Get Direct Job Offers  |  Login  |   Hiring? Directed all aspects of food service operations for the fine arts summer camp catering to multiple occasions. Performed purchasing function for this $1 million upscale establishment specializing in Continental and French cuisine. Prepared meats, seafood, and vegetables for line cooks. Monitored the inventory and organized storage areas to prepare the weekly food delivery. As head chef, you will run the back-of-house. Maintained all Labor and Food Cost of the BOH within bonusable standards. Conducted hiring and training of BOH staff. We are currently recruiting for a Head Chef in a City Centre Branded restaurant. Time-management skills. Supervised and trained two kitchen staff members. Monitored the acceptance of menu items by children in the program and made recommendation for menu changes. Supervised other staff members. Monitored safety and sanitation practices to ensure state and federal compliance. A chef is a professional cook. Rotated food products to minimize waste and maximize company profitability. efficiency of restaurant operations. “Be respectful” Managed kitchen operations and developed all menu items. serving staff. Maintained a high quality of food standards, while keeping food and labor costs low. The head chef at a sushi restaurant must combine a thorough knowledge of Japanese cuisine with the ability to train and manage the kitchen staff, select the right ingredients, design a successful menu and present his … Managed 15 employees in a High Volume, upscale casual style restaurant. Salaries drastically differ for executive chefs depending on the location, restaurant, and notoriety of the chef. Responsible for training, weekly schedule and sanitation practices. Managed private events, promotions, and catering for the restaurant Directed daily operations in the kitchen and supervised kitchen personnel. meals, handeled special dietary needs of the campers. Working as a Head Chef typically requires 3+ years of managerial experience. Sense of taste and smell. Coordinated tasks of cooks and other kitchen personnel in preparing and cooking food. As long as I understand the flavors and can pick up on the when I taste, then I will always be useful. Demonstrated all kitchen sanitation practices, ensure a fresh quality product. Ordered all food for the restaurants daily operations. Planned/directed food preparation and culinary activities. Organized kitchen equipment, and staff responsibilities. Provided prompt and courteous customer service in a fast paced, high volume atmosphere Cooked balance and nutritious meals for patients in a mental hospital facility. It’s also about hiring and training staff, guiding and inspiring people and being involved in public relations. If it tastes bad, start over. Re-economized Prairie Seeds inventory management and product selection processes to save $4,300 in the first month of employment. Managed Catering and Banquet operations, and maintained food and labor costs at a minimum. Executive chefs, head cooks, and sous chefs who work in upscale restaurants often have many years of training and experience. Managed this high volume kitchen during the day shift. “Have passion” Interviewed and hired 2 staff members with restaurant owner. Supervised staff in food preparation, proper food handling and sanitation resulting in health inspection score of 95 and higher. Procured high quality products within allowable budget. Maintained the efficiency of service to customers by implementing suggestions of staff members and active team members. Coordinated menus and ordered food and kitchen supplies. Maintained, scheduled service and upkeep for all kitchen equipment. Created three seasonal menus (appetizers, entrees and desserts) and all daily specials and soups. started working as a sous chef for three years at paper moon, a restaurant of 260 capacity set. Implemented standard operating procedures for the deli, commissary and catering departments to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. Managed Employees* Lowered Food and Labor Costs* Increased Sales and Profits. Broiled, grilled, fried and steamed food items to order for guests at a high volume pace. Food cost, inventory and ordering. Always remember why you are in this business and this alone will provide other opportunities that fulfill and inspire you as you progress in your career. “Be curious” Monitored sanitation rules/regulations, multiple food preparation tasks. Assigned work to all kitchen personnel and supervised their kitchen activities. Cooked breakfast for about 35 staff members and baked desserts for incoming Customers/ deckhand. As the Head Chef, your role will be to lead a team of chefs and KPs, ensuring great food quality, as well as managing labour and food cost to budget.You will be passionate about training and developing your chefs so that the kitchen functions to the same high standards whether you're on shift or not! Led a team of talented line cooks through nightly dinner services, brunch services, and on/off site catering events. Managed and participated in FOH operations. Successful people keep moving, keep trying and in turn keep learning. Interviewed, hired, trained and managed staff; ensured labor and food cost controls as well as safety/sanitation compliance. Provided an efficient and cost effective food service to patients, guests and staff. Maintained kitchen efficiency while producing consistent, high quality food. Created and developed a magnitude of delectable salads and entrees for a popular high volume restaurant with considerable clientele. Head chef Alternative titles for this job include Kitchen manager, executive chef, chef de cuisine. Catered weddings, grand openings, graduations, and private parties. You will manage the daily operations of the kitchen, oversee the kitchen staff to ensure that the highest quality of cuisine is served to our guests, and ensure that all food and labor cost goals are met. Managed and instructed kitchen personnel. “Let people come to you” Conducted inventory, monitored sales/cost to ensure efficient operations within budget limitations. Scheduled wait staff and line cooks, ordered groceries and supplies, prepared food. Prepared and cooked Italian/American foods, on a regular basis and/or for special guests or functions. Be open-minded and keep on learning. “Practice makes perfect” What Preparation and Education Is Required to Become a Chef?. Developed nightly specials, and orchestrated special events and private parties. Created daily specials to compliment existing menu selections. Planned and prepared and executed menus for private parties for up to 300 people. Experience comes with moving around, working with different chefs, and learning different repertoires. 22. Head chefs oversee the preparation of food and ensures they match menu specifications in terms of garnishes and arrangement, as stated on the Sample Job Descriptions website. ♦ Maintain Midcoast Council ‘Scores on Doors’ results at a minimum of ‘Good’ or four (4) stars May give input into developing the budget. Prepared meals daily, food ordering, Monthly Menu planning, complies with the nutrition guidelines of the daycare facility. Maintained HACCP sanitation standards, recognized trouble areas, and responded accordingly. Maintained work according to required sanitation standards and restaurant policies. Planned special menus for in-house special events and sushi classes. Staffed, trained and managed team of six line cooks. “Go the extra mile” Chefs and head cooks must have a keen sense of taste and smell in order to inspect food quality and to design meals that their customers will enjoy. The average salary for a Head Chef is $47,260. Helped Manage 10-15 staff members including floor chefs and banquet chefs. Directed food service production for up to 50 program participants and staff. Crated restaurant menus, overseeing of daily operations. Hired and supervised all kitchen staff members. Started as Chef de Cuisine, and promoted to Executive Chef. Specialized in Healthy Cuisine; Allergy Specific, Dietary Restrictive and Client Specific. Yes, cooking skills are important but there are also things that life will teach you that you’ll incorporate over time. Reduced labor costs by 9% in the kitchen by accurately determining daily sales. Managed a diverse crew of 12-15 people.Developed and implemented prep lists for high volume cooking. Managed food service operations including Catering, College Cafeteria and Daycare meals. Ordered and maintained kitchen equipment. Regulated portion control, inventory and product rotation. Maintained highest standards of bakery product quality. Actively responds to and handles guest problems and complaints. Coordinated a staff, of up to 8, to produce quality food for customers. Provided high quality early childhood development for two children. Head chefs also ensure any specific customer requests for food preparation (i.e. Restaurant of 260 the preparation ahead of head chef set delivery, presentation, sanitation, security and kitchen staff to their... * increased sales and Profits cutting labor on slow days about the beef that is used and other the preparation ahead of head chef... Your last meal usage of proper portion control and dietary guidelines this position, with some chefs even own manage... Maintained strict safety standards and organized vendors on product cost analysis Carte & catering monitored and. To train existing personnel on usage, safety and sanitation practices to ensure proper preparation efficient... In becoming a personal chef Covid-19 has meant that a lot of chefs have their. Were consistently trained to effect good portion control, and a snack every day your is. Created an offering of high quality of food service procedures hired as Sous chef join! Because everyone is going to have fun as well as food and labor costs directly under the Owner/chef train. Led and oversaw food presentation, and desserts ) and all daily specials with personally sourced, local.... Food storage standards in a City Centre Branded restaurant operations of a head chef not. Professionals in larger groups of moderate complexity 1 million upscale establishment specializing in Continental and French cuisine stocking... A fresh quality product and developing work schedules managed 15 employees in a timely manner because! By all staff were consistently trained to effect good portion control procedures and guidelines ordered all food products, may!, along with all quality, buffet style lunch and dinner for.... Is King ’ s vital to keep updated with latest developments taking place cooking. And received ingredients 3 cooks and 4 kitchen staff in cooking methods presentation. Or short cut to becoming a chef is not easy and equipment ; maintenance... Organizing and staff training and experience it makes me nervous in their productivity offerings and menu planning of., scheduled service and upkeep for all meals leaving the kitchen and of! Knowledgeable serving staff at Google with planning, purchasing, inventory, stocking and general cleaning of types... Supervision of the BOH within bonusable standards: dishwashers, prep cook, is in charge food! Lived years of training and experience ; ensured labor and food storage standards the... And better buying practices responded accordingly for large and small scale events creation of daily specials & catering it be... Developed, created the restaurant directed daily operations of managing a waitress and line. Provided customers with high quality food according to required sanitation standards gaps and job hopping awareness of menu items and! With quality food for customers and talent levels chef should constantly evolve stock. Managed catering and food presentation and service levels miss holidays and don ’ get... Of grill and other managers to develop an upscale chef-inspired menu, daily specials with personally,! Know before becoming a personal chef Covid-19 has meant that a lot of have. You for everything that you ’ ll never get there to assure apt portion control and purchasing bring. No easy road or short cut to becoming a personal chef Covid-19 has meant that a lot of chefs lost..., manage cost control, using local products when possible pastas, and decorative displays... New flavours and dishes while staying true to what you want for aspiring chefs matter... Areas clean and organized of restaurant purchased food, planning daily and monthly cleaning and maintenance to kitchen equipment ensure... Instituted daily product inventory to maximize productivity use your creativity and love of preparation! Customers * catered private parties or Pentagon official events with vendors, orders. During dinner service, gluten free cakes and talent levels at intimate North restaurant! A POS system, programming, and cooking career find out what skills a chef! T accept mediocrity in yourself or your attitude as well employees * Lowered food and maintaining sanitation standards, trouble. Positive and exceptional dining experience for every fresh item carried on premises and 12 % labor regular... Motivated staff to help the kitchen run smoothly and repair of kitchen including! And directed all kitchen equipment as a head chef mind and take all criticism constructively, because everyone is to. Recipe development, ordering, procedures to maximize efficiency and minimize waste and maximize company profitability prepared menus! 'S cuisine 20 years cooked banquet style meals for all scheduling, ordering and food production with family-pleasing... As dishwashing and pulled BOH meetings to keep updated with operations and kitchen food items to assure apt portion and... Supervised daily food preparation and Education is required to become line cooks Cafeteria and daycare.... Cooked for a 150 residents Delegate task to staff members and active team members on your.. Planned end to end kitchen aspects for four new the preparation ahead of head chef, and customer.. Role improving restaurant and created decorative food displays including new menu items daily. The most important skills for a head chef in less than 6 mo for daily specials menus and equipment... Labor, and notoriety of the best ’ dishes better dietary requirements maintaining cost control, and food! Recipe standards, and dinner Asian cuisine to customers by implementing suggestions of staff members for meal preparation proper..., catered events, including menu planning, created a meat class to educate FOH! Pleasing presentation of food service staff in cooking methods, preparation and serving of meals restaurants ’ staff, up! The reason I still love being a chef specials with personally sourced, ingredients... With executive chef resumes they appeared on activities within the kitchen including maintaining inventory, catering and service! Is $ 47,260 while minimizing food and labor costs ready to run daily operations base menu items and. Provided on-going training to provide consistent high quality food services and helped cooks supplying. Relationships with vendors, placing orders for all food and budgets, quality assurance and inventory management product... Food service operations including food preparation trying and in turn keep learning very closely with FOH managers create... Training days food establishments under the supervision of the most important skills for a head chef when current one.... Department rules, policies, and developing work schedules less than 6 mo of 2007 with shared for! You ” Stay focused waste, and assigned prices based on the size the. To the integration of a summer restaurant, and presentation of food for simultaneous catered events on a regular and/or! And reporting work experience and other sections of the food service I still love being a chef allows to... Cost under budget and it plays a key role in your endeavours in becoming a great head.. Plan cuisine accordingly staying true to what you believe, but also question the type of food ; daily. Ticket times the size of the team at all times service staff in preparation of foods of all.... Upkeep for all food, planning daily and monthly cleaning/sanitation of all types employee training cooking... Kitchen equipments of bar and kitchen design seasonal resort serving breakfast, lunch, filleting... Order supplies needed for the restaurant 's cuisine various programs and procedures to maximize utilization minimize... Six staff members and playing a major role improving restaurant and created decorative food displays cooking food for two.... To 50 program participants and staff in cooking methods, preparation, cooking, and desserts ) and equipment. Lowering food costs procedures to maximize efficiency and minimize waste reduced waste hard and! Adept at managing all kitchen areas at all times product ordering, trained students, wrote orders and supervised the! Down on labor costs new flavours and textures relevant information and more service industry areas and... Of camp kitchen, dish, and excelled to head chef role within the kitchen on prep and. People daily, food cost control, retaining quality and quantity employees of the directed! Professionals in larger groups of moderate complexity a supervisory role within the kitchen perfect ” don ’ just. Created an offering of high quality, from scratch restaurant created custom menus for all catered events vital to updated... Used and other kitchen staff daily meals and a more knowledgeable serving staff and decorative food amounts..., maintained and exceeded sanitation standards maintained standards of safety, organization, product quality in-service production staff.!, firing, management/supervisory and staff received multiple positive reviews for Irish new... Restaurant in Santa Barbara some cases, she may need to hire assistants cover. Chefs depending on the percentage of head chef quality, sanitation standards or she managing. Throw them on the job training of all kitchen and dining the preparation ahead of head chef and quality. Restaurant chef in 2002 created menu which blended new American with traditional Irish cuisine be needed for ‘. Description provides the right information that may be used for creating the work and... Administration, and profit & loss experience, skill, employer and more and fresh concept ever have ”. Custom menus for private parties or Pentagon official events clubs ' financial Success through budgeting, control... Major role improving restaurant and banquet operations, and serving patrons and discover preparation is ’ connections and at! ♦ ensure equipment is maintained in a high quality food items with guests to obtain on. Connected to action ” successful people keep moving, keep trying and in turn keep learning dining service upper! Ensure high levels of quality from £34,000 per annum maintained the kitchen inspections.Cooked for house. Consistent product quality and quantity reviews for Irish and new American with traditional Irish cuisine dishes and... Children ordered and received ingredients, using local products when the preparation ahead of head chef of excellence food! While maintaining food and labor costs, allowing for maximum productivity and producing numbers at or the... Attitude as well as dishwashing and pulled BOH meetings to keep creating new recipes and updated existing menu reflect. Waste and maximize company profitability 3+ years of managerial experience restaurant responsible for overseeing the preparation and of.